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E-Vision Internet - In The Beginning

Commencing operations as a division of Lonicera Pty Ltd in 1998, E-Vision Internet was formed to fill a gap in providing cost effective permanent and semi-permanent dial up connections for the Small-Medium Business segment.

By 1999, E-Vision begun providing residential dial-up, as well as ISDN and Satellite connectivity as the hunger for bandwidth for emerging applications such as email and e-commerce first started to take hold.  Within a few years E-Vision became one of the first providers to provide Business Grade DSL services through the startup Request Broadband - the first organisation to arrange access to Telstra's exchanges to install their own DSLAM equipment.

Time to Grow

In 2002, it was decided to let E-Vision stand on its own two legs - so E-Vision Internet Pty Ltd was created.  Before long, E-Vision was providing national private networks, ethernet, fibre, microwave and more.  Much of E-Vision's sucess and key points of differentiation come from being carrier neutral with the ability to bring together every connection technology from a range of carriers with full geographic coverage.   E-Vision chooses its vendor partners carefully, ensuring that tight service level agreements can be met.

E-Vision's customers receive the benefit of a single provider meeting all of their data communication requirements - without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendor relationships.  

Looking forward

In 2007, E-Vision begun building infrastructure to aggressively expand its capabilities in both corporate data services (including expanded private network capabilities, ethernet over copper) and now for the first time a focus on building a residential customer service with the experience gained from over nine years in business services.

With access to the largest DSL and network providers in Australia, E-Vision can supply your broadband and data needs just about wherever, and with whoever the infrastructure exists!

Today E-Vision has its headquarters in Huntingdale, Victoria and has national points of presence (see our network diagrams).

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